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Ang Detalye sa Damgo (Part 01)

Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Music in the 34th Gawad Urian Awards. this is for everyone who wanted to know more about the movie  – some facts, trivias and behind the scenes. this is also dedicated to everyone involved in making the movie a success – padayon. warning: some details contain spoilers read at your own risk… and no, susie did not die.


• Ang Damgo Ni Eleuteria was shot in 1 long continues take using a Panasonic HMC 150 and a 16Gb sandisk SD card in the island of olanggo, cebu philippines.

• 5 total takes were shot in the production and 2 were chosen to be scrutinized and decided which one will make the final cut.

• the selected take to make it on screen had a total running time of 106 minutes and 37 seconds (including  pre-rolls and  post-rolls). the total running time of the final output was 91 minutes

• not much was done on the edit but a lot of the effort was in the making of the subtitles. with hours and hours spent on arguing to find the correct english terms and the proper sentence structure to give the translation the perfect gist based on the dialogue.

• the movie had no specific speaking lines that the characters need to memorize. they were instead given a loose structure of the story and build a dialogue based on it. so the dialogue in the movie was spontaneous and each take had different speaking parts but had the same flow.

• the movie is much more engaging to watch if you understand cebuano

• the tree planting on the sea scene originally had a conversation between terya and carlito which was later removed in post and replaced with musical scoring

• the tricycle scene was not part of the movie and was an instant improvisation because the boat was moved from the original docking location due to low tide.

• the movie poster in ang damgo ni eleuteria was a painting by Thom Jopson

• although there was not much drama seen on the movie, there was massive drama behind the scenes

• with just a few more days before the deadline, the movie was almost scratched as the director felt that it did not give the impact that the he wanted and decided to do a 1 day shoot this time in ronda. but because of unexpected rain and some technical problems (i.e cinematographer na slide!), and not enough time, the take was not completed and thus was scrapped.


merle: unya unsa naman gyud gaw? (x10 to the nth power)

tatay: global warNing?

tatay: hans….pork and beans

susie: hi, i’m susie (x3)

susie: if you can do it in a few minutes then go

susie: lord jesus! naay buang

thanks to remton, bevs & jiji for the added/edited info. more trivia and beind the scene on the next “issue” ….



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